On the Issues

Public Education

As a former public school teacher in Miami-Dade, Ashley has experienced firsthand the importance of investing in our schools. Equity starts with providing the space and resources to underserved youth to develop the skills they need in order to compete in our changing economy. Our students need unique resources to meet their specific needs to prepare them for successful and full lives, where test preparation isn’t emphasized more than intellectual development. Florida needs a fair funding formula to ensure inner-city school districts are receiving equitable funding for resources like books and programing for the creative and performing arts, increased wages for Florida teachers to attract new talent and reduce the student-to-teacher ratio in public schools, and a guarantee that all schools are ADA compliant and provide fair and equal opportunities to students with disabilities.

Affordable Housing

Miami-Dade’s housing affordability crisis is in dire need for solutions. Our county’s State of Emergency is due to families’ inability to stay in their homes and find safe housing. As housing costs skyrocket while wages remain stagnant, it’s imperative that we provide affordable housing opportunities to the residents of Florida. By increasing the accessibility of housing vouchers, repairing and improving existing public housing, taxing house flipping and other speculative real estate practices, and instating affordable housing requirements for new real estate development projects we can level the playing field for those who are simply trying to live.

Clean Environment

Miami-Dade County is ground-zero for climate change. Addressing sea level rise for our coastal communities, and providing clean air and water to Floridians should be a top priority in the State House. Legal and financial consequences must be levied against polluters, holding them accountable for the destruction of our beaches, water supply, and air. We have a small window of opportunity to enact changes to protect our environment to make sure it flourishes for generations to come.

Criminal Justice Reform

As a former public defender, Ashley Gantt has seen the unequitable effects of a broken criminal justice system and we must work towards establishing more restorative justice programs, increased mental health services, and alternatives to incarceration for our youth. Florida is better when we work together to establish programs to reduce recidivism and support the reintegration of returning citizens to our communities.


Effective and reliable transportation is the cornerstone of a region’s economic health. Investing in eco-friendly public transportation will help create green jobs, improve accessibility for residents in densely populated urban areas, and expand workforce opportunities regionally.

Supporting Small Business & Job Creation

Small businesses are the backbone of our community’s economic sustainability and growth. As State Representative, Ashley will work to ensure equitable pathways to support and opportunities so that small businesses can thrive and grow. Good paying jobs are in dire need to ensure Floridians can afford the rising costs of living, and by attracting employers to our community, we can do just that.